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Hisham Beydoun, MBA, PCC Bio

CEO and Founder

Hisham is a multicultural and multilingual global citizen. His global experience has influenced his coaching, allowing him to adeptly switch intercultural lenses as he works with his coachees. He is a serial entrepreneur, coach trainer, new coach certifier, and mentor. With over 1800 hours of paid coaching, he is an expert on working with high performing leaders in high risk environments. He serves as Chief of Staff for a boutique consulting firm and Board Chair for Lebanon’s Largest NGO. Hisham is a BIPOC, trauma-informed coach who trains and certifies Leadership Coaches to the International Coaching Federation’s Gold standard of Coaching. 


Before discovering his passion for coaching, Hisham Beydoun graduated from Babson College with his MBA in Global Management and served as President of the Graduate Student Body, representing 4,000 student voices. After completing his studies, he helped found and build a consulting company, scaling it from $300,000 in revenue to $2.5MM in 2 years.


Prior to pursuing his MBA and coaching career, Hisham worked as the Corporate Social Responsibility Director in Beirut, Lebanon, where he built businesses to support Syrian refugees. Before moving to Lebanon, he worked for an NGO in New York City, employing adults with mental illness to provide them vocational training and basic income.  Before that, he was a full-time classroom teacher on the small Pacific island of Kosrae (population 5,000) in the Federated States of Micronesia. 


In his free time, Hisham teaches meditation, mentors refugee youth in San Diego, rock climbs, surfs, and goes on solos in California's Anza Borrego deserts.


  • Certified Professional Coach (iPEC)

  • Professional Certified Coach certified coach (ICF) 

  • Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (iPEC)

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)


Shereen Beydoun

Shereen Beydoun is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner. She received her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and two Masters degrees from Columbia University. Shereen has experienced most of her life in New York City, and spends significant amounts of time traveling the world. Her 35-year career prior to coaching was as an educator in three leading independent schools in the United States and one in the Middle East. In her past role, she counseled hundreds of parents, students, and faculty. Coaching has been a natural passion for her to pursue, and she offers great comfort, stability and resourcefulness to her people today. She is the mother of four adult children and enjoys two cats.

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