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Suzanne Livingston

Vice President, Engineering

IBM Sustainability Software

Manara has talented and inspiring coaches. They worked with me to level up as I transitioned through a major scope and executive role change, helping me reposition my focus on growing my leadership team. They helped identify actions and behaviors inhibiting my highest possible performance. They went above and beyond, personally guiding me through the unexpected loss of my mom and its impact on my family.


Nancy G. Pope

Senior Vice President

 Paramount Pictures

Hisham leads with a confident, calm and spiritual demeanor which allows one to explore a deeper level of self reflection and understanding. It is extremely refreshing to work with someone that leads with humanity.

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Eddie Ramos


As an actor, I go through ups and downs in my career. Often times leading me to second guess myself. Working with Manara not only gave me deeper insight to my inner wisdom but reignited my passion for what I do. Their gentle yet grounded process was instantly comforting  and I made major breakthroughs immediately. They really allowed me to find the confidence I needed to keep pushing forward.


Tiffany Pillifant

VP, Marketing Effectiveness & Activation

Thompson and Reuters 

Working with Hisho has given me a safe space to confront some of my long-held beliefs about who I "need to be" at work, challenge them, and re-commit my energy elsewhere. Hisho kept me focused on the hard work, even if it was uncomfortable at times, to produce larger gains.

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William Shaw

Product Design Manager

Warner Media

The most important insight I took was to trust my gut and be confident. It's too easy in meetings to doubt yourself often you have the answers or can find the right person to talk to you just have to speak up and trust yourself. Hisho helped me find that confidence. As a result of this hard work I've been given a lot more opportunities in my career and led a number of initiatives.


George Kottas

Senior Category Manager

Manara coaches were very helpful in developing my growth both personal and professionally. As a recent dad of twins and a new role, my coach, Hisho, shared examples and ways to help me overcome my challenges. It was very hard for me at the beginning to adapt to these new ways of working but after just a few sessions, we got to the next phase. Empowering and determination were some of tactics used that helped me get to the right lane for growth. Work life balance is for sure something that we really focused and that I'm using to the fullest. I highly recommend Manara as they quickly identify the opportunity and builds the session around solving it.

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Lindsay Sanders

Design StrategistDuke

Energy Corporation

Working with Manara Coaching has been a life-changing experience. I feel an energetic shift that’s allowing me to show up for myself and others more fully. In our work together, the team has helped me navigate everything from launching my website to inner soul exploration to processing difficult relationships and loss. In every session, they embody support, love, and encouragement, always pointing to inner knowledge to guide my personal discovery and transformation. I’ve rarely felt as heard and seen as in my coaching sessions. Furthermore, from the very beginning, they listened to my needs as a type a personality and tailored our coaching practice so that I had clear action steps coming out of each session. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience and look forward to continuing our work together!

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Josh Simons

I honestly had no idea what life coaching looked like until I decided to work with Manara. I felt lost in life and didn’t really feel like I had a clear purposeful path. Manara has a remarkable ability to help me uncover the answers that are already buried in my head by asking targeted insightful questions. They have helped me break a lot of limiting beliefs that have been getting in my way, and I now feel like my path is much more illuminated than what it was before.


Sylvie Maury

Global Resilience and Wellness Coach

"This coaching journey made me realize what was important in my life. In six sessions only, I was able to transform and find myself again.I instantly felt comfortable with Hish. He knows how to create a safe space, listen carefully and reflect on what is said and not said.With his way of being and deep questions, I was able to find my 'real' goal, not the one I had stated on our first session. "

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